Xbox One – Release Date Announced

Marshall Burrows September 5, 2013 3

Yesterday, Microsoft finally announced the release date for Xbox One! Everyone thought that they would announce it at a major event such as Gamescom, or maybe even PAX. Apparently what they were waiting for full production of the console to start.


That is just a trailer of Yusef Mehdi officially announcing the release date of the console which is 22nd of November worldwide. I prefer the release of the Xbox One when comparing it to the PS4 because that is a worldwide release, North Americans don’t get it faster!

Another bit of news for the Xbox One Day One edition was released today aswell. After the huge popularity in the Fifa 14 day one console bundle, Microsoft released a Forza 5 bundle that has been sold out already. If you still haven’t picked up a preorder for the day one, then you should pop in to GAME or another retailer to see if there are still any day one’s left!
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  1. Chris Whitehouse
    Chris Whitehouse September 5, 2013 at 6:52 pm - Reply

    That woman has a creepy ass smile..
    Still not entirely sure if I want this or not, given the price and my level of interest, I’d say no but then again, as it gets closer I may become more interested. >_>

  2. Marshall Burrows
    Marshall Burrows September 5, 2013 at 6:59 pm - Reply

    Got my preorder down last month, can’t wait!

  3. Kane Hazzard
    Kane Hazzard September 6, 2013 at 12:11 am - Reply

    who’s pre-ordered? me or you

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