Xbox 360 dashboard update

Jake Moss-Bezzina October 17, 2012 0

So I turned my Xbox 360 on recently to play through Gears of War 3′s campaign on Insane. However, before I could get to some brutal action, I was prompted to download an update first. I proceeded as such but didn’t notice much difference. Changes that have been made:

- The integration of Internet Explorer.
- Updated user interface to the dashboard (different layout, more tiles, combined sections, etc.)
- Ability to customize the dashboard by pinning various media – Films, Games, TV, etc. – to the home screen.
- Xbox Video has replaced Zune’s video marketplace.
- Support for HMTL5 videos.
- Bing voice search now includes videos from across the web.
Xbox 360 Dashboard Update: Oh Hey Internet Explorer for Your TV

So a lot has been included in this quick update and I am very pleased to know that Xbox users have received all these new features (providing you have a Gold subscription to Xbox LIVE). Internet Explorer is my favorite improvement as now I won’t have to turn on my PC, when on my Xbox, to quickly check a website. The rest of the updates make the dashboard easier to use and personally I didn’t care much for ZUNE. For a more in-depth view on this dashboard update, follow the story source bellow.

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