Write for Us

The Nerd Cabinet is rapidly growing, so we are now looking to increase our Author Base.

We are looking for enthusiastic people who are willing to stick to quotas and meet our requirements. We work in a very professional manner when it comes to giving the best updates out there.

You will be required to do a 2-week trial period where we will evaluate whether you should stay on our team, please do not feel intimidated during this time as it is just routine. After the Trial Period we will set you up with a Staff Profile Page, Permissions and other details. Make sure to set the Subject on the Contact form to “*Position* –  Application” and provide your details in the message!

If you are interested in writing for us, here are the positions we have open:

(Please Note: All Positions are Unpaid)

News Journalist:

Join our crack team of news journalists where we are looking for someone dedicated to bringing the latest news for TNC. This will be a news-only position and you will not be asked to do any reviews/editorials.


- You will be required to provide some sort of previous writing experience; whether that be for a site; or for a personal hobby. If you can provide us with links to things you have covered in the past, then we will see if your style will work on our site.

- Quota’s will be in-action and you will be required to write news on your specific given day. Failure to do so without a viable excuse will result in a 3-strike policy.

- You will be asked to do 4-5 news a week minimum with no exceptions. News must also be 100 words Minimum and include Pictures and/or videos.

- You will also need to be a team player. We are a team so if someone needs help from you, please be willing to provide it.

- News can be about any categories we offer.

Reviews Journalist

Our team is constantly looking for someone new to bring a constant flow of Video Game Reviews to TNC. We are looking for reviews of all kinds of games, new or old


- 1 Review per week minimum of 1000 words, this must include photos and/or gameplay.

- Must do a mixture of positive and negative reviews.

- Be willing to get your review out before your set day so it can be edited.

Community Manager

Do you think you could be the voice to get our community rolling? We are looking for someone to run our Facebook and Twitter pages to get fans to engage. We are also looking for someone capable of moderating a Forum.


- Engaging with the audience is key.

- Able to increase our Fans and Followers on Social Networking

- With the eventual addition of a Forum we would like you to moderate what is put up and spark conversations.

- Good Availability

Apply Here!

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