Torchlight II – Game Review

Marshall Burrows January 11, 2013 0

Developer: Runic Games

Publisher: Runic Games

Platform: PC

Review Platform: PC

Price: £14.99

Torchlight 2 is the perfect game for you if you enjoy crawling through dungeons, increasing your characters stats, and finding better loot the farther you progress but saying that, who doesn’t enjoy these things? The success of these games always seems to be in loot as it always brings a lot of replay-ability to the table when you’re always striving for that better helmet or weapon, and with a level cap as high as 100 you can expect to be lost in the world of Torchlight for a very long time.


The main story of Torchlight 2 is following on from it’s successor, but with only a few years ahead a lot has changed. After defeating the final boss Ordrak in torchlight 1, Ember Blight leaks from his heart and corrupts the alchemist (a playable character in the first game) who then destroys the town, which sets the mood for the rest of the game hunting him down until the very end.

Throughout the game are different settings which is a big change from the first game as if you are like me, you would have become very tired of the repetitive dungeons, dungeons and oh yeah more dungeons. This is not the case in Torchlight 2 as you are now free to roam different regions from grass lands, to the deserts of zeryphesh which is a great new addition to the game as you are not constricted in confined areas with no natural light, which reduces the risks of turning into a Falmer (Skyrim joke right there, sorry snow elves).

All of this being said however, dungeons are not removed completely and do serve as a huge part of the game with a lot of the main quests seeing you plundering into a few deep dark caves, usually with a few Champs (mini-bosses as my friends and I usually call them) and a main boss or two. Dungeons also seem to have better loot than the surface which makes sense as essentially it is a dungeon crawler.


The gameplay of torchlight put me off at first glance as I had played the first installment on my Xbox. You people may be asking “why would that put you off?” well on the Xbox you obviously have to move with the analog whereas with the PC you have to click where to go, but as with any other game like this you can hold down the left mouse button and move freely, which made the experience more enjoyable than I originally perceived it to be.

There are four classes in the game with the names of; Ember mage (Magic focused), Berserker (Build up rage, dual wielding focused), Outlander (Mainly dual wield guns), and an Engineer (Tank, two handed weapon focused) which all see their own skill trees, and in a group of friends that are all different classes you definitely reap in the benefits. The skill trees seem to be fairly detailed and each time a friend or I leveled there would be some sort of gasp of excitement followed with a showcase of what the ability would do (usually they’re pretty awesome!). I chose the Berserker as my class and I have to say I am very impressed. Most of the skills learnt that deal damage are in some way shape or form to do with a wolf, and the fact that my pet was a wolf made it just that bit extra pleasing to kill people with my powers. As I just mentioned pets, I think I should say that there are a lot more pets to choose from in this game with prime new examples being; Hawk, Badger, Jaguar, and an Owl that can help you in battle. Also carried on from the first game is the amazing option to send your pets to town with all the junk you don’t want, to sell, and with a shopping list to buy some well needed potions. I am yet to come across this in any other game, you can correct me if i’m wrong.

The combat in this game is pretty awesome, and with the ability to Gib enemies and see there guts fly everywhere is very aesthetically pleasing. You can assign different skills to either the right mouse button, and with a hit of the tab key it swaps skills or you can also assign them to the number keys with a user interface that looks exactly like Diablo. The range of different cratures can sometimes get boring however, as you come across Ratlins a huge amount of the time, and with creatures that carry on spawning until you smash their little hidey hole so you can expect a tedious time labouring through certain quests. Boss battles play a key part in the game as at the end of most quests you do have to fight one, I remember seeing my brother taking up to ten minutes hacking away at one just to get him down to half health so it does differentiate at certain parts. As I mentioned before that creatures can be boring at times it doesn’t really change with the bosses apart from they all look completely different and some of them look absolutely brutal. The boring thing about the boss battles is that none of their techniques seem to change, either teleporting about the whole planet making you run around the boss room (Zzzz) or just standing there slapping you.

Co-op in this game was a huge factor for me as I havn’t even played it solo yet, being gifted the game you feel obliged to play with the person who bought the 4 pack right? unless you’re a horrible person! The great thing about co-op when all of us were just getting used to the game was the fact that we didn’t all know what we were doing and we could laugh at each other because of that, along with some mis-said words (especially enemies names), so as long as you enjoy the company of your friends and know you can have a good laugh with them, you should definitely enjoy the game! (Solo is good as well, not dissing Torchlight 1)

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