Three Days Grace – Adam Gontier: Thoughts

Marshall Burrows May 5, 2013 2

This is all opinion, and just as a warning: I come across as a huge Adam Gontier fanboy.

It’s been a while now since Adam Gontier left the band, and although I have been a fan for quite some time now it didn’t even make me feel bad. The only thing that I was worried about was not being able to hear any new material from Adam, not that Three Days Grace wouldn’t. Anyone who is a hardcore fan of the band surely couldn’t listen to them now anyway, I mean Adam was the heart and soul of Three Days Grace. His voice was what brought me, and mostly every fan (I hope) to the band, and quite honestly they’re dead to me now that he isn’t the vocalist.

Ever since he decided to leave the band I was brought back to their albums, particularly Three Days Grace and One-X, which are two of my favourite albums ever. Adam has said that he left the band because they were becoming too mainstream and not writing from the heart, there are only two songs on Transit of Venus that he actually put emotion into. I wouldn’t be able to give any of you a source for this. Although I think it is a good album, it quite obviously has nothing on the band’s first two albums. I stand by him in his decision to leave, and there are way too many fans that think he has made the wrong decision. If you have listened to any of his solo work on YouTube then you will have your mind changed quite quickly believe me. My favourite songs by Three Days Grace are the emotional ones, (I’m a sucker for sad songs) and if he had to leave to carry on writing them, then I believe it was the right decision. Now I can imagine Three Days Grace pushing the boundaries even further than Adam would allow, and continuing with the sound like the song Chalk Outline. If they do carry on with this sound then I can see them getting bigger then they already are, as it was a very successful song.

I previously said that i’m not going to listen to any new material from Three Days Grace and that is a given, Adam is the reason I listened to the band as I believe he is what made them. One-X is arguably my favourite album, and he wrote most, if not all of it, when he was going through a hard time in his life. The album is filled with amazing songs, and is surely what pushed Three Days Grace into the public eye even more so than they already were. Although every member came together to create a great sound, I can’t understand why fans would still listen to new material from them hoping it might sound the same because it won’t. New singer = new sound. However, this isn’t all doom and gloom for Three Days Grace as I know a fair few people who couldn’t stand them because of Adam’s voice, so there may be thousands of people out there that may love the new sound. Although I won’t be listening to anything they produce, i’m certain that they’ll keep a lot of the fanbase and I’ve got nothing against the other band members. The only bad thing about the ‘new’ Three Days Grace is the singer. I listened to him on some live videos and in all honesty I was appalled. If I had pay to go to a show in the Transit of Venus tour and he is what shown up I probably would have started a riot. Although he is not the official singer of the band (yet), I would bet quite a lot of money that he is going to be Adam’s replacement. It’s not all his fault though, as he has big boots to fill. Three Days Grace were put in a tough decision, having a tour on the horizon and the lead singer leaving creates complications.

“We stand above the crowd”

Three Days Grace are one of my favourite bands, and I love the albums that they have put out for us to listen to. Never too late is my favourite song of all time, and has been since the first time I listened to it a few years back. Although I may go a few months or so without listening to it/the band I always find myself come crawling back. This is because of the first three albums and I can’t really say the same for Transit of Venus. From time to time i’ll always get an urge to listen to one of their songs off of the first three albums, and it just isn’t the same for their latest one. Life Starts Now was a great album for them, and had some really good songs on it that are memorable. I can remember the excitement that I would have every time a new Three Days Grace album would come out, and it was the same for Transit of Venus. I was by no means let down by the album, I loved it on my first several listens, and I do listen to it from time to time but it does lack the ‘oomf’ that the first three had.

I’d love to be able to review all of their albums but in all honesty I don’t think i’m able to review music as I have too much of a one sided opinion when it comes to things I love. I can’t really see any bad things about their albums besides a few minor things in Life Starts Now, and the whole unemotional, sound changing vibe that Transit of Venus gave us but one thing’s for certain: They will never ever be releasing something as good as One-X and that’s a fact.

Because of Adam leaving, I won’t be getting excited for any more releases by them, but I will be getting excited for when he starts releasing solo stuff. I guess this will be the true test because if his solo album turns out as absolute trash we will see whether or not he needed Three Days Grace, and whether or not they need him.

I call myself a fan of Three Days Grace but really, I am a fan of Adam Gontier.

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  1. 3roxy August 22, 2013 at 11:20 pm - Reply

    yes, I can read that you are a real adam fan. I love him 2. His solo album is great. It made me cry. But I think matt is doing a great job. His voice is not the same, and it never will be like adams. But i actually like it. If matt would replace adam i woundnt mind it. You say that you would not listen to new work of 3DG. I think that is a little dumb. You dont know what kind off music they wil make. It could be better or worse (or the same). If you ever was A fan of 3DG you would not let them down like that. Adam did leave because he didn’t like the new songs, so why didnt he say it??
    Adam let his fans down. Why did he have to leave so quick? why didnt he did the tour?

    • Marshall Burrows September 16, 2013 at 11:31 am - Reply

      Those are questions you’d have to ask the man himself I think. Yeah I do agree that he should have at least finished the tour first, and Matt was thrown into a hard situation. I do however, think that he obviously didn’t want to do the tour, and earn money for something he didn’t like. I myself would feel that I was doing the fans an injustice by doing that.

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