The Walking Dead Game – Episode 4: Around every corner

Marshall Burrows October 13, 2012 0

If it’s a game series with a compelling story and well thought out characters you’re looking for, look no farther than Telltales episodic adaptation of The Walking Dead.

You play as Lee Everett and right from the first episode you become responsible for a young girl named Clementine. If you have played the previous episodes you will know all about what the group have been through and in this episode it doesn’t get any better (except from one ‘miracle’). Some of the choices in this episode, as in others, will have you questioning your own self and really does make you think: What kind of person am i? Having to look after Clementine puts a whole new perspective into the choices you make as in the back of your mind your always questioning yourself whether it’s good for her or not. The choices you make are always going to be continued through to the next episode and no matter what choice you make, and depending on these choices you could either make friends or lose them. The main concept of the game is weaved around your choices as there is not much action,  staying true to the Comic Books and TV Series but it doesn’t stay true to Telltales puzzle point and clicks from the likes of Monkey Island. Most of the games out there nowadays are missing the depth in story that this game provides which is it’s main seller for me and for many others (that and it’s The Walking Dead).

Anyway… enough of the series as a whole and more onto this episode.

At the start of ‘Around every corner’ you see the group walking the streets of Savannah trying to get to the docks. Of course it can never be as simple as getting from A to B in a Zombie apocalypse and soon you become overrun by a load of flesh hungry corpses, forced to retreat to a nearby house. This house contains a shocking secret that made me feel sorry, it had an impact on me that no other game has ever done. There is a lot of mystery in this episode and you never do find out who the person is on the other end of the walkie-talkie. Previous issues are brought up in this episode such as the whole “Ben-Bandit situation” and there is a massive choice governing that. Without spoiling anything i am going to say that this was probably the hardest decision in any game i have ever made and although i don’t regret my choice i really felt the pressure from the situation and yet again, there are no other games that have made me feel bad for my actions. There is a huge cliffhanger at the end of the episode unlike the others that should really get you hyped for the next.

Game play: The game play is much the same as every other episode where you find your self constricted in a certain area walking around finding things to use or do, and talking to the other members of the group in heated discussions making sure you don’t say the wrong thing. The speech is always lenient and in most cases you can either be a complete jerk or a nice guy. Although for some people this type of gameplay may not be enough to grab your attention the story definitely will. In this episode there is a lot more combat than in the previous titles and at some moments you feel like an untouchable bad-ass.

Overall i would give this episode an 8.5/10 because the story is so well written and the effect that it gives you is really rare. The only let down of the game are the bugs, after mostly everything you do the game has to load and usually it will freeze for about 1 second or more which for some people could not be annoying but it does remind you that you are just playing a game.

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