Telltales’ The Walking Dead Game Coming to PS Vita

Marshall Burrows March 22, 2013 0

It has been announced today that Telltales’ episodic adaptation game of The Walking Dead will be coming to the Playstation Vita. This is’nt a surprise because it has been hugely successful on all platforms it has previously come out for and it has won many awards, including game of the year.

 There hasn’t been a date put on it yet, just that we know it will be released further on this  year. If you haven’t played this game before, and you’re an owner of a PS Vita waiting for something good to come out I highly recommend this! Overall it is a bargain for your money, with the only fault being minor glitches you can’t go wrong.

It is is also unknown whether or not Telltale will be releasing the game in its episodic form or if it is being released in one huge bundle. I think that it should definitely be released in one bundle, as the customers would otherwise be waiting months on end to complete it, when they could simply buy it on a different piece of hardware.

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