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Jake Moss-Bezzina March 28, 2013 0

A game has caught my eye and this is the latest trailer for it (it’s called Rain):

You are a little boy. You are chasing a little girl. The only thing is you can both only be seen if rain is pouring on you. I guess that implies you both are some sort of ghosts. Not only that but there are weird creatures following you both too. They may, or may not, be trying to hurt you. However, you have to use the environment to injure or kill them. It seems like it will be a nice ‘soak up the atmosphere’ type of game and I believe it deserves a chance.


Here is the initial announcement.


Some pictures:



And the initial trailer:

Do you like the look of Rain? Leave comments below.

Rain is for PSN (PlayStation Network) and will be released sometime in 2013.

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