PullBlox – Review

Kane Hazzard October 8, 2012 0

Developer – Intelligent Systems

Publisher – Nintendo

Age Rating – Not Applicable

Platform – 3DS

PullBlox (also known as Pushmo to some) is a downloadable game on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. PullBlox is a puzzle based game where the player, a sumo-wrestling cat, has to move blocks forwards and backwards until they are able to climb to the top of the level to reach the goal.

The main story of this game is very basic, as it is not the story in this game that matters. But it goes something like this. You play as a red sumo-wrestling cat called Mallo who takes a visit to ‘PullBlox Park’, a place where children go to play on structures, which very quickly you learn are the puzzles in the game. The creator of the puzzles and the park ‘Papa Blox’ (inventive names, I know.)  then asks Mallo to go and rescue the children from the structures, and that is the main story of the game.

The gameplay is what is most important here, because if the enticing story didn’t scream “play me”, then I don’t know what will…
The player has to pull and push block formations to create steps in which the character can climb up to the top of the level to rescue the child. This sounds fairly easy (it’s stupidly hard to explain) but the game gets very difficult, very quickly. The game adds in buttons and horribly annoying shaped blocks to pull and push that create a very difficult and sometimes frustrating puzzle to decipher. The first few levels really do make you feel like an absolute pro at solving puzzles, but later on in the game you feel like you’re 5 months old sitting in your baby chair trying to solve a book full of empty Sudoku puzzles. A nice addition to the game is that each puzzle you go up against is a picture of something. Some examples I remember are a Strawberry and a Pig, all nice and fun images.

Sadly to say, I can’t offer much more insight into the main part of the game, as I got stuck on a level for so long that I deleted the game off of my 3DS SD card. However, I did experience everything that the game had to offer, and one of those other features was the creative mode of the game. This is where the players can design their own puzzles on the game by choosing the shapes of blocks used, how high you want your puzzle, and all of the other features of the main story are available in this mode to use to your frustrated hearts content.

Overall, I thought this game was fun for a while. It kept me addicted until I got to the really hard puzzles where after around 100 tries on the same puzzle, you eventually give up all hope in humanity. The controls were nice and simple, mainly focusing on holding one button down and just pressing up or down, and then the obvious jump every now and again too. The levels are cleverly designed and well thought out, it’s definitely worth the small price of around £4.00, and I recommend it to any puzzle game lovers out there!

Remember that FallBlox – the sequel to this game will be out on Nintendo 3DS eShop this November, so stay tuned if you’re a PullBlox fan!


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