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One Piece Uncut Collection 3 (Episodes 54 – 78)

Directed By Konosuke Uda

Released – October 23rd 2013 in the UK

Published by Manga UK.


 Synopsis and Opening Comments

“High adventure on the treacherous seas!

The Straw Hats are headed for the treacherous Grand Line in search of a genuine pirate adventure! But before their journey begins, they discover a strange little girl with a fleet of angry marines hot on her trail. The merry pirates are badly outnumbered and the canon balls are getting dangerously close, but Monkey D. Luffy  never deserts a mate in need. Even when it means crossing paths with angry dragons, a giant whale, and a sliging, dicing whirlwind of a bounty hunter. Risking their live on the high seas is just part of the fun for a crew in search of the legendary One Piece!” – Manga Entertainment

One Piece is a TV anime series produced by Toei Animation and has aired over 600 episodes since 1999. The anime is based upon the manga series of the same name by Eiichiro Oda and originally launched in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump back in 1997; so far the series has released 70 volumes. The franchise has also inspired 11 animated feature films, OVAs and multiple TV specials. This review covers the third box set of the anime, which contains episodes 53 – 78 of the anime series. The first two collections of One Piece have been reviewed by the team at TNC and can be found here.


As I mentioned in the other review I was quite sceptical about watching One Piece at first, as it seemed like it would be one that was over hyped by the masses. However, upon finishing the first two collections I was not disappointed and was excited to found out what would happen next in Luffy’s adventure on the high seas, so much so that I just had to go ahead and watch the next batch of episodes. I am truly enjoying the series thus far. So continue reading to find out my thoughts on certain aspects of the show.


The adventure continues as the Straw Hat Pirates head towards the grand line. However, the journey is put on hold as they meet a mystery little girl called Apis, who is on the run from the marines. The crew seeing the girl in need helps her evade the marines and return her back to her Grandfather on the legendary warship island.

The Straw Hat pirates discover the truth about Apis and choose to aid her in returning a promise she made with a friend. However, things aren’t as easy as they appear to be. With no knowledge of where they need to go or what trouble lies ahead, the crew must band together and fight to help Apis.


After this they choose to head on their way down the red line towards the grand line, upon entering the grand line they meet a giant whale and thus their adventure from island to island down the grand line begins. What sort of adventures will they undertake now that they are close to fulfilling Luffy’s dream?

The story arcs of this collection were kind of filler episodes, but in the direction the story seems to be progressing these filler type episodes are what will be the norm of the series. I must admit that these filler-esque episode arcs were still very entertaining, but did seem to be very long and somewhat dragged on for longer than they should of done. Which was a major detrimental factor of the series for me to be honest.



The standard of the characters in One Piece didn’t really change during this collection, they were still exceptional and there was some more character development amongst the crew. Luffy is still the main protagonist of the show and is the fundamental part of keeping spirits up on his ship, uniting his crew and helping out those in need. Which often leads his crew and himself on their adventures and the awkward situations they wind up in. Despite Luffy’s foolhardiness his crew is still loyal and will stand by him no matter what trouble they get dragged in too. Lets hope that this sort of attitude and crew will lead to Luffy becoming the King of the Pirates and finding the famed One Piece.

In terms of character development both Coby and Helmeppo seem to have the most growth out of all the characters. Both of them are now part of the marines and have been invited by Vice Admiral Garp to join in at the marine headquarters to be trained under his supervision. This sort of mentoring that they receive helped the two get closer to fulfilling their dreams, especially considering they were starting to think it wasn’t possible.


With the crew on their journey to find the One Piece, a lot of new characters are introduced as they progress towards their goal. These new characters are all awesome, they aren’t characters that have a long lasting role in the story but they are present and worthwhile during the arc that they are included in. They are memorable and important in helping the main characters develop.

Artwork, Animation, Audio and Extras

In terms of quality of the DVD, artwork, animation, and audio they are all still of a very good standard. Nothing really changes between this collection and the previous collections. So if you have seen the past two collections, which I presume you have, since you are reading this review, you should know what the deal is with the production quality so far.


However, since some may read this without watching any previous episodes. I will recommend that you click here to read a full explanation of the details from the past review. If you don’t want to head over and read I’ll just simply say the production quality is good, very good.

Closing Comments

The anime hasn’t really changed in regards to standard in comparison to the previous collections. It was entertaining story wise, despite having somewhat long story arcs, and had very good production quality. I would recommend that you do watch this, but obviously you’d have to watch the first two collections before you reach this and you will have decided if you liked the series enough to continue or not. Nothing’s really changed in the series, so I can’t really say that it has improved and I can’t say it has gotten worse, so yeah.


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