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Kane Hazzard February 14, 2013 0

In this episode of Nintendo Direct, Iwata claimed 2013 to be the ‘Year of Luigi’, as he is appearing in a large number of games, as well as being the main character in some of them. Here’s a list of the games:

Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon
Mario Golf World Tour
Mario & Luigi Dream Team

Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon is due to release March 24th, and is a highly anticipated game, with the last game in the series coming out a huge 12 years ago on the Gamecube. Miyamoto claimed that the game will be less of a horror like the last one, and more like an enjoyable comedy game. He also demonstrated some of the new gameplay mechanics like the Dark Light Device, which can make disappeared objects appear, helping you progress. Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon also has online multiplayer, which many fans have been waiting to hear about. It will feature numerous game types for up to 4 players.

Mario & Luigi is going to be released sometime in Summer 2013 . The game is an RPG style game, and is based around Luigi’s dreams. The player can interact with a sleeping Luigi on the bottom screen to change the dream’s situations in the top screen.

Mario Golf World Tour, is said to have great golfing mechanics and physics properties, and is going to maintain the special shots and traditional fun courses like all of the rest of the Mario Golf games. Personally I have no played any of these games, as Golf isn’t an interest of mine!

Also, there will be a huge DLC pack for New Super Mario Bros U this year. It will be called New Super Luigi U and is going to be a complete remake of all 8 plus worlds of the original game, but the player will only be able to play as Luigi. The whole game will be remade, and will only be released on the Wii U eShop. (no information on a disc release)

Iwata also said that Miiverse will be getting a new community for The Legend of Zelda, as many fans want a place to talk about the two new upcoming games in the Zelda series. He also said the games creator, Eiji Aonuma, will make an appearance from time to time in the community discussions! The community is available from today.

Fire Emblem: Awakening will also be recieving some new DLC, and one map will be FREE for the first few weeks from its release, and there will also be a discount on other DLC, saving you a few pennies!

Lots of information was announced about Animal Crossing New Leaf, and developers have said it is the “definitive version” of Animal Crossing. You are appointed mayor of your town, and you can pick wherever you want your house to be made. You no longer have to work for Tom Nook, but you still have a small debt to pay off. The only job you have to do at the start is planting a ceremonial tree somewhere in town. You can customise the outside of your house too, ranging from fences to hedges, and the shapes and colours of your door, and roof tiling. The games new shopping area will have a range of shops, from Able Sisters, to ‘Club 101′, and Nooks Homes. Also there is a feature that allows you to look at model houses, from other peoples 3DS systems, in which you can go inside and look at peoples houses. The game is going to be released some in June 2013.

Lego City Undercover was also shown, and has a set release date for March 18th, which is very soon. Some new gameplay was shown for the game, in and around the city airport. The game is said to feature aspects that will entertain children and adults. There is going to be a ‘prequel’ game to the Wii U version on the 3DS called Lego City Undercover The Chase Begins. This puts you at the start of Chase McCain’s police career, set two years before the Wii U version.

Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge is recieving DLC this month, with costume packages and new missions and is completely FREE to people that own the game.

Wii Street U has also been launched today for FREE for a limited time only. This is basically Google Earth for the Wii U, and looks incredibly fun by using the gamepad to browse the Earth.

Harmo Knight, a rhythm based music game, created by Game Freak (makers of Pokemon) will be released March 28th for the Nintendo 3DS. It features basic controls that are easy to pick up, with the main objectives just to jump and kill enemies whilst the character runs for you. It has songs from Pokemon in it, and some other original pieces of music just for that game. It will be released on the eShop for 3DS, and a demo will be released for you to get your mitts on March 14th.

A strange game called Kersploosh has been announced, where you take control of a … stone, and have to make your way down the well. It will be released on March 7th on Nintendo 3DS eShop.

A new Mini Mario called Mario & Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move has been announced for the 3DS eShop. You have to solve puzzles by getting Minis to the end of the level using tiles will certain directions on them. You can also make your own levels, and the game has bonus minigames similar looking to the ones released on Super Mario 64 DS. No release date has been announced as of yet, but expect to hear it soon.

A new Dillon’s Rolling Western game is being released on 3DS eShop, which to be honest, looks the same as the first, just you have to protect a train as well, making the game even harder than it already was. Dillon’s Rolling Western: The Last Ranger will be available on the 3DS eShop on April 11th.

The 3DS eShop will be having 2 new Virtual Console titles released on it in the upcoming months. These games are Harvest Moon GBC, and The Legend of the River King.

A new Wii U bundle is being release on February 17th, which features the deluxe Wii U, NintendoLand downloadable game, ZombiU, ZombiU collectible art booklet, and a Wii U Pro controller. The price for this is around $389.99, so around £320 here in the UK. But of course retailers will choose their price accordingly.

A Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate demo is being released February 21st on both the Wii U and 3DS eShop.

There are some more details available not mentioned here, so check out the video for yourself!

Click HERE to watch the latest Nintendo Direct.

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