Nintendo Announce 3DS Save Data Transfer

Marshall Burrows January 26, 2013 0

Overnight Nintendo have announced that they have made a 3DS save data transfer tool. You may be asking yourself ” Why would we need one of these?” Well i’ll answer that question. Currently if you have a physical copy of a game and you have slaved over a certain save doing everything you possibly can, and then buy a digital copy, you can’t transfer the save over and have to start all over again.
This could be a very good system as Nintendo have been turning a lot of their physical games into digital copies on the digital store, with prime examples being Ocarina of Time and the latest Professor Layton. With this being said the convenience of having all your games digitally downloaded with out the clutter of boxes can be a bonus and is more than likely the reason why Nintendo have created this tool.
The only downside that has been released as of yet, it that it only has a release date in Japan (which probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise to most of us) and is scheduled for March. With a release date this far ahead even in Japan means that it could be a further few months before it is released here, if at all.

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