Lego Lord of the Rings: One game to rule them all? (Review)

Joey Hancock November 28, 2012 0

**Spoilers Ahead**

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It has been 9 years since we have had the opportunity to follow the story of Frodo and The One Ring, with Frodo’s long venture to Mordor to destroy the ring and save the world from another age of darkness, the quest bestowed on Frodo, a job he never asked for, the world now rests in his hands. That title from 9 Years ago was LotR: Return of The King, there has been other games set in the world since then but none have had quite the feel of that it can live up to the brilliant films and the even more brilliant book trilogy. This is a game that has the brilliant unravelling story of The Lord of the Rings and the Comic styling of Travellers Tales much loved Lego series, with only a few issues with the game, it could quite easily be one of the best games this year and most probably the best Lego game ever made.

So let us continue into the wonderful world that is Middle-Earth, we will kick it off straight away with story, well what can I say? If you have not read the books or watched the movies, I suggest you do before playing this but If you are not a huge reader or a big Motion Picture fan then maybe, just, maybe, this game is for you. You will instantly be introduced to a welcoming world that is just amazing, with the addition of Voice acting, well, I say voice acting, they have taken the script from the film and implemented it very well but this here is the biggest thing that gets it for me being a huge LoTR fan, they cut out a lot and I mean ALOT of key dialogue, I guess they cannot put it all in but some of the most necessary lines are missed, for example in Two Towers (Film), Treebeard has many conversations discussing war with the other Ents whether or not to go to war, but in this it is straight to war. As well as the main storyline there are also Side quests  many as a matter of fact, you must do these to unlock new characters and tools for your Lego team, you will be surprised about how much there is to do once the game is complete, after I completed the story I was only 24% through, what could be the other 76%?

 What everybody looks for in a game is, “The story may be great, but what about the gameplay?”,  well rest assured the gameplay is where the game gets its beauty. If you have never played a Lego game like Lego Star Wars or Indiana Jones you will want to know what you are getting, a lot is the answer. There are many collectibles throughout the levels which add up to make bonuses throughout the game, now just so you know, you cannot get these all while playing the game through for the first time, you will need to go back after in the free play mode because you need to use characters that you may not be able to use in the main storyline. The ability to go back and play these levels again is known as free mode, you can go back replay the levels with characters that you wish and you can have up to 9 characters including your own custom made Lego figure, which I though was unavailable until I finished the game and It became available. There is a new mode that will excite many of you Lord of the Rings fans, dubbed “Open World Mode”, now I put the quote marks there for a reason, as it is Open World but it is scaled back a huge milestone, now this is understandable since you cannot fit the whole of Middle-Earth to scale on one 7gb disc, you probably cannot fit it on 4 discs, another reason that this is not the biggest problem is the fact that with the size of their Hobbit Lego legs, it would take hours to walk across The Shire where as with this mode you could explore it all in around an hour. The Combat is fairly simple as it is in all Lego games, a few hits for a kill but what they have added is some awesome combos which mainly come into play when dealing with enemies with shields. Each character has a different skill that plays a huge part in the story but also in the free play as it is used to get to objectives but you need to play through levels to determine what characters you need to get all the treasures on the level. One huge thing that gets me is that on PC it is purely a port of the console port, the UI is only built for console, it is just too clunky for PC, the controls are awkward, it is meant for a controller, which is not bad but if it really bothers you, you can re-map the key bindings.

 Finally lets talk Comedy, you will not be left thinking “Huh this is boring”, If you cannot enjoy this comedy then it is pretty silly, as this is clean humour that is suitable for all the family. There are scenes where I thought, “You should not be replacing such an emotional moment”, but then I just found myself laughing my head off because of how they done it. One scene which got me in stitches was the scene where Boromir is taken by the ring but as the fellowship are attacked he attempts to redeem himself by defending the hobbits with his life, In the film he is shot by 3 arrows before he accepts defeat, well, in this he is only shot by one arrow, a broom and pure genius, a banana, you don’t get comedy like this any more. Another number of funny scenes involved Gimli and mainly his representation of being the height of a child so at many stages he is seen acting like a child, Crying at many scenes, clutching Legolas, whimpering, this is all good and funny but at some point I sat there and said to myself, “Its almost as though you are dumbing down such a brilliant actor”, it is all well and good but there comes a point where you say, “No More.”

Now that is it for the review from Middle-Earth, hope you all enjoyed your Journey through my door into Lord of The Rings, Well done Travellers Tales for truly the best rendition of Lord of The Rings since the movies. If you want more check out this trailer:

all rights of the song goes to The Lord of the Rings: Symphony and the trailer to Travellers Tales!

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