Kyōkai no Kanata Gets TV Promotional Video

Niall Gibson August 8, 2013 0

The official website for the anime adaptation of Nagomu Torii’s ‘Kyokai no Kanata‘ light novels have started streaming a 16-second promotional TV commercial for the anime. Within the promotional video, the heroine Mirai Kuriyama questions the viewers stating, “Do I look like a normal human?”.

The anime is being directed by Taichi Ishidate at Kyoto Animation studio, with Jukki Hanada being in charge of the series scripts. The characters designs are being handled by Miku Kadowaki.

The story follows a high school student called Akihito Kanbara. Despite the boy appearing to be a human, he is in fact half Yomu and is invulnerable to wounds as he can heal quickly. Akihito soon meets Mirai Kuriyama after she is found to be about  to jump from the school rooftop, she is isolated sue to her ability to manipulate blood. After Akihito saves Mirai dark and disturbing events start to unfold.

The anime is currently scheduled to premiere on Japanese television in October.

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