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Niall Gibson September 16, 2013 1

The amount of anime shows and franchises that are currently available for viewers to watch nowadays are of an extortionate amount and this figure is growing by the day as new series’ get the green light for production to start. However, with this extensive library to choose from we often find ourselves unable to decide on what to watch and when we do decide on a series that has caught our attention, it turns out to be the worst show ever made. However, amongst this vast amount of sub-standard anime there a few gems, one of these being …



“A deadly new disease is ravaging the world, turning the populace into mindless zombies, and the number of infected is skyrocketing by the second. As their fellow classmates and teachers succumb to the infection around them, a small group of students at Fujimi High School are fighting for their lives after surviving the initial outbreak. It is up to Takashi Komuro to unite the group of weary survivors and try to escape the horrors that surround them. In this new world of the living dead…will they escape?.” – Manga Entertainment

Niall’s Comment

High School of the Dead, what a show. This title was the first anime that I actually ever watched, it was quite a weird story as to how I got about watching this show. I’m not going to go into details about that story as of yet, but essentially the 10 minute segment of the anime that my friend showed me got me hooked and I rushed home and watched through the whole in one night. It didn’t stop there either, I can’t count how many times I re-watched this title within the first month and to this date it is my most re-watched anime. I love it that much.

The premise of the show is simple; zombies, guns, and boobs… What more could a guy want in a show? The story is good, it’s a typical zombie survival anime in which a group of high schoolers are fighting there way through the hordes to find their loved ones. Now you may think that this has been done before and you are probably right. However, High School of the Dead adds its own little flavour onto the genre, from its quirky and unique ramshackle group of survivors to its overly ecchi scenes that makes everything that little bit better.

To summarize I would have to say that this sort of article can’t give the show the credit it is due. The show is that good and is one of my all time favourites, I wouldn’t recommend this show to everyone as it is a very fan-service orientated show and so is aimed at a majority male audience. If you don’t mind the fan-service then definitely give this show a go.

Joey’s Comment

 Highschool of the Dead holds a special place on my shelves, mainly because of the insane box art; but that aside. I was first introduced to this in a manga form and I really enjoyed the series; I enjoyed it so much that I read all 29 chapters that had been released at that time in 2 days. A great manga that I would recommend to anyone looking for an interesting first series.

You may be thinking, “Joey, why are you talking about the manga?”. Well you are right, why am I? It is simply because that was my first introduction to this series, and when I got around to the anime I enjoyed it that much more. The anime is purely for 3 things, Zombies, Action and Sex, yes sex. Although there is no physical sex in there, you know that there is just that underlined theme throughout.

Any Zombie thrill seeker should watch this anime, it is a great 12 episode adaption. I personally love the entrance song, it just puts me in a great mood every time I hear it. If you are looking for a show that will provide you with a cracking story and can tolerate the extreme amount of Fan-Service, give it a go!

So you’ve read our thoughts, go check it out!

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  1. Dustin Barton September 16, 2013 at 11:39 am - Reply

    For an anime that was clearly fan-service, I REALLY enjoyed both the story and the characters. The was an insane amount of T&A (if you wanted the uncensored version), but it was your typical fan-service-y stuff.

    I had the pleasure of watching this on blu-ray, on a 1080p HDTV with a soundbar, not an amazing setup, but this was easily the best looking and sounding anime I had seen at that point (September 2011).

    Now I eagerly await the release of Season 2, which should be coming *sometime* this Fall/Winter :D

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