Halo 4: Flood mode

Marshall Burrows October 7, 2012 0

Halo 4, one of the most anticipated games of 2012 is nearly upon us. 343 Industries do have a whole lot of pressure from the massive fan base of Halo and i think that they will live up to the Halo standards. Fingers crossed because it does look like a spectacular game.

I’m here to talk about flood mode; basically infection in essence but well thought out. If i could give the person who created the mode a handshake, they wouldn’t have a hand left! Just think back to Halo 1, you’re in search of captain Jacob Keyes and you first encounter these horrific enemies that quite frankly made you scream and spray your AR around,  unfortunately having to change your underwear in the process. Great child hood moment, anyone?

Well imagine that but with up to ten people. The game mode is based around 2 people starting off as flood (above) and they have to infect the other eight people that are Spartans and when a flood player mutilates what once was your scared, feeble body you will join their ranks until either 3 minutes are up and the Spartans have survived, or everyone is infected!

Playing as the flood is not the same as just playing as a Spartan character with a few mods under his belt, and although they have vast improvements to speed and gravity resistance, 343 have given them whole new assassinations and animations. Cool right?

Overall this new game mode really has made me more excited for Halo 4 than i previously was and it should be inch perfect for nostalgic reasons!

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