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Jake Moss-Bezzina March 25, 2013 0

Opening Comments

Last week on Saturday, I saw Gabrielle Aplin live. I saw her at Bristol’s Trinity Centre, which is a huge castle/church type establishment. It looks rurally beautiful and quite intimidating from the outside.

I arrived in the queue 45 minutes before the doors opened. About 10 minutes after I joined the queue a horde of people started to line up behind me (lucky I got there when I did). It was cold; I was alone, with only my thoughts to keep me company… I was going for something dramatic there but in all seriousness, I did go by myself. Surprisingly there were two students in the line talking about serious matters relating to society. Being the nosy earwig I am, I listened intently and the waiting time flew by.

The venue is longer than it is wide. That sucks for people at the back but most of the audience, in front of me, were short females. So I was quite close and had a great view of the stage. The crowd were actually quite chatty throughout. However, I felt as if it were the acts and I only, in the room. Once they started playing I just got into the soothing music and started to sway side to side, tap my feet, and feel warm.

Act One – Hannah Grace

The first act was Hannah Grace. She had an incredible voice that blew me away. As soon as she started singing, she had my full attention. Being accompanied by a guitarist/vocalist/violinist (I forgot his name) added an extra element to her act. They performed the most amazing cover of Kodaline’s All I Want and that won me over completely. I will definitely be listening to her music often and looking out for an album.

Act Two – Andreas Moe

The second act was called Andreas Moe. He came from Swedish and really appreciated the crowd. However, from the get go, he had filter effects on his voice. He stood there with his electro-acoustic guitar and modified vocals… It just didn’t seem right. It put me right off him. He had a great voice anyway – he did one song without modification – so there was no need to modify. Also, his songs were quite boring. The drums were simple and the bass was painfully simple (the bassist looked bored as ever).

Main Act – Gabrielle Aplin

Finally Gabrielle Aplin arrived on stage. It wasn’t a theatrical entrance; they didn’t tease us or anything like that. I would expect that from a bigger act but this was in a small venue with a crowd waiting for an acoustic artist (we don’t need to be teased – we just want to hear her incredible voice and music). For such a small person she has a very powerful voice. I was literally awestruck by how wonderful her singing was and couldn’t take my eyes off her. The band, who played with her, were very competent with their instruments. The guitarist for Hannah Grace also played with Gabrielle. He played Violin, on a few songs, which was very intriguing. I’d love to play Violin. They did a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s go your own way. The lead guitarist of Gabrielle’s band played the solo flawlessly. Hannah Grace, the violinist, and Gabrielle did a song off the microphone. So we all had to be very quiet to hear. Gabrielle appreciated every complement that went her way and put on a fantastic show. She deserves to be much bigger as I know she will always love her fans.

I believe she played for 1 hour and a half (including an encore). I only recorded three songs though, because it becomes a chore if you try to record every song. You may see some shaking, in the videos, due to my arm tiring. I recorded the first song (Panic Cord – I believe her most recent single), her most famous song (The Power of Love – it was composed a little differently though), and Home (my favourite, that just so happened to be the last).

Live Videos

Panic Cord:

The Power of Love:


Closing Comments

All in all the night was awesome. More chilled out than the gigs I usually go to but I liked the change. I’m really glad I saw her as she is certain to get bigger and bigger. She has just been on tour with Ed Sheeran and now has some bigger venues on her own tour, in November, this year (she will be playing the O2 Academys across the UK).

Be sure to Pre-Order her album, here, if you enjoy her music. There are signed copies up for grabs. Like her Facebook page and Follow her on Twitter. For tickets to her November 2013 tour, go here.


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