Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two – Review

Joey Hancock November 29, 2012 0

Developer: Blitz Games Studios

Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios

Age Rating: 7

Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, Wii U

Review platform: Xbox 360

Let me start by saying, I’m not the biggest Mickey Mouse fan in the world and maybe after playing this, I still feel the same about him, his voice just gives me the creeps. So lets start this review, I cannot tell if it is going to go well or not.

Story? Well there is one, one that draws you in? Well if you are a huge Mickey fan then you may actually be pulled in but if this is your first Mickey game then you may not enjoy it. I felt that it was a darker insight into the Toon World but was it a good insight? In short, Yes, it is a successful addition to the franchise as in, it adds more of a mature gaming experience but I felt it was ruined by some characters in the game and the cutscenes, woah, the cutscenes can really bore you that much that you will not be willing to watch it as some of them will be tedious musical scenes. I feel that the story has great potential but it just doesn’t pull me in enough to give the story glory, all because the cutscenes are boring and questing feels unnecessary. Some friendly faces are seen, Goofy, my favourite dog in the whole world makes an appearance which really brightened up my day, other characters in the game such as Mickey do not have a very awesome script which let me down, Oswald however has a huge script. Oswald is the player 2 player but I was depressed to not be able to play as him because playing as Mickey the whole time let me down.

Now one thing that does bring this game a shed of light is the classic platforming style, this just brought back memories of games like Spyro, Crash, Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank. The classic style of jumping through levels, attacking people by jumping on their head it feels great but maybe not very innovative. Mickeys combat style is stun and use the brush to either thin them out of existence or paint them friendly, that is the two uses of the brush you can thin the landscape to remove obstacles or use the blue paint to bring objects that are not usable you make them usable by bringing them into the toon world. I cannot really talk about playing as Oswald because he I found no actual way to play as him in single player, he has a few moves to do which combo with Mickey such as throwing him up the air and using im to hover across gaps, he holds a remote that he uses to open doors and program machines or potentially stun the enemies.

I do not feel that this game is really replayable, it felt like a one time trip that did nothing but put doubts in my mind because it was average, I was wanting brilliant! Not Average. I would say the only thing that I would go back for in this game is doing the collectables and finishing side quests but even that feels tedious. I do not really know what to say about this game except it felt like a one hit wonder, maybe the series should of just stayed on the Wii because on Xbox this game did not appeal to me, maybe it would to a younger audience

but I prefer games that appeal to younger audiences and older audiences. Graphically the game is beautiful, the art of Disney really shows off in this game, lets really think though, without the beauty of this game what else would it have? Where would it be? Maybe this is the only thing keeping the game together.

For more on Epic Mickey 2 check out this launch trailer and expect Epic Mickey: The power of Illusion review to be up sometime soon.

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