Disney – The Lone Ranger: Trailer

Marshall Burrows February 5, 2013 0

Here is a trailer for what seems to be the latest Disney film: The Lone Ranger. Enjoy!

From watching this trailer I have learnt two things; one being that it is produced by the same people as Pirates of the Caribbean, and the other that Johnny Depp has one of the main roles in the film. Where could it go wrong?

Judging by the comments there has been a vast amount of criticism over the fact they should have cast a native American to play a native American, whereas they cast Johnny Depp. To some extent I do agree with this as it would bring a bit more realism to the film. Having mentioned this however, Johnny Depp is a really versatile actor and could bring something great to the film.

After seeing who’s making the film and the cast I can safely say it is in good hands and that it probably will be worth a watch!

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