Dead Space 3: Awakened DLC – Trailer

Marshall Burrows March 7, 2013 0

EA uploaded this trailer onto their ‘eavision’ YouTube account earlier on today, which shows part of the story for the new DLC coming out for Dead Space 3: Awakened.

After all of the commotion of EA cancelling the Dead Space series, it came as a surprise to me that they were still going to release this DLC. This makes one wonder whether or not they will be releasing any further DLC they had planned for this game or not. Awakened is set to become available for purchase on Xbox 360 and PC on Tuesday 12th March whereas it is being pushed back one extra day on the Playstation.

It is a really cheap DLC which is something that no-one usually would expect with EA, at the price of 800 Microsoft points/$9.99 it does raise a few eyebrows. At this price it seems that the DLC could only last an hour or two, but we’ll just have to wait and see!


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