Borderlands 2 – Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt

Marshall Burrows January 20, 2013 0

Before I start writing this review of the latest DLC for Borderlands 2 I think I should mention that as it only lasted around the 2 hour mark I am still pretty unfamiliar with the names of all the enemies and locations etc. so I may get some names wrong and if I do get them right, I expect a cookie of sorts for my efforts.


At first I thought wow, this place looks lush. The vast swamp that we were about to explore with some huge daddy long leg things (Drifters), and some tribal people (Savages) that reminded me of  King Kong, I was in for a treat. A very, very short treat if at all one of those.

The downloadable content starts much the same as any other Borderlands DLC, with you going to a fast travel station and travelling to the new location you paid your hard earned money for. Speaking of money the pack will set you back either 800 microsoft points on Xbox or if you own the season pass it is completely free, and on steam it is in the region of $9.99. But the question is, is it worth it?

When you fast travel to the new swampy location you will have to watch a video which is exactly the same as the trailers, can’t remember if I tried to skip it or not but if I did, I couldn’t. Shortly after this you are greeted by Sir Hammerlock himself on your ECHO Device asking you to trek the swamp in order to meet him. Along the way you see swamp Drifters and a batch of new enemies called savages (I think). The Drifters are a pretty cool enemy and I was told that they were in the secret armory DLC so there’s nothing new there but the savages are nice new additions also, not just being different skins for normal bandits that has been the case in recent DLC. When you reach Sir Hammerlock he wants you to aid him in taking over a lodge as this will be your safe house for the rest of the bleak campaign returning there after each mission, I think I only returned thrice. After you have defeated the savages at the lodge you are introduced to the main boss of the campaign: Professor Nakayama. This is where it all goes down hill.

After this mission you are led by Hammerlock to the catch a ride where you have to defend him from waves of savages, inventive of Gearbox I know but when you think about it, what other kinds of missions can you have in an FPS? There however is a pleasant surprise when the catch a ride is turned on as there is a new hovercraft vehicle that has three different firing modes; Flame thrower, acid balls and electric balls. I think the first mission after this is a proper English hunt, trying to find a Scaylion’s lair and killing it. If you are reading this you will probably expect there to be a good 8 missions post scaylion death, you sir are wrong as there are probably two or three, with the exception of side missions.

Bosses in this DLC were not hard at all, Pastyhands and I both being level 50 and playing it on true vault hunter mode smashed through them like they were innocent little rakks floating in the air, and the last boss wasn’t even hard in comparison to the leviathan and most definitely not the Badassaurus Rex. As with the other add ons you can expect the ‘Invincible’ character to be a repetitive kick in the teeth every single time you have to respawn again and again trying to get them seraph crystals. Now on to the time in which it took us to complete the DLC, and I have to say I think everyone will be disappointed by it. I was let down by the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim and that took around 10 hours to complete, and then I traded it in as I didn’t see the content getting any better/longer so just spare a thought for how bad it was to have spent money on a 2 hour campaign. Even though this is excluding the side missions you will always have to admit that this amount of time for a DLC is pretty poor and in all fairness it should only be 400 microsoft points.

Overall we thought that this campaign add on was a joke, we were on the last mission without even realising having practically just sat down and secured our safe lodge this DLC is way too short and if you have the season pass like I do then you might regret buying it, if you don’t have the season pass I would sincerely recommend not buying this as it will more than likely be a waste of money. Even if what we did play was enjoyable, there was definitely not enough! We expect more from you Gearbox!


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