Marshall Burrows

Hello I’m Marshall, and I am the Chief Editor here at The Nerd Cabinet. I have been writing for this site since October 2012, seeing it grow has been great! I mostly do  news and reviews on gaming but sometimes I can have my arm twisted to review a cartoon or two.

I have been gaming since a very young age, and couldn’t imagine my life without a bit of gaming every now and again. I love to play the occasional FPS game, and Fifa games I will usually always pick up. These may seem generic but I do enjoy any kind of game really, besides turn based combat (Final Fantasy style) and fighting like Tekken, I’ll play just about anything! If I had to name a favourite type of game it would be a good story driven game! Telltale’s The Walking Dead, I’m looking at you!

As for TV I absolutely love The Walking Dead, I wasn’t very happy with the finale of Season 3 though, especially in comparison with what happened in the comics. I also love Dexter, it was an absolutely class show and it is a shame the way it ended. I am just digging my nails into Breaking Bad as the show has finished, and I am really enjoying it.

I support Arsenal, COYG!

As for Twitter, you can follow me @MarshBurrows