Kane Hazzard

Hi! My name is Kane Hazzard, I’m 19, and I’m a student.
I study at Bath Spa University and am enrolled on the Popular Music Degree course. So yeah, I’m a musician!

I absolutely love games. They play a huge part of my life, and I’m not ashamed of that. (Why would you be?) Playing games is just my version of what watching TV is for other people, except my version is better for me, because I like having freedom in games to do what I want, instead of watching a fixed scene happen.

I have played games from the age of 3! The first game I played was Donkey Kong Country. Still an amazing game to this day. I haven’t ever stopped playing games, and I don’t know if there has been a day that has passed where I haven’t played a game. They’re just great. My favourite type of game is definitely somewhere along the lines of RPGs, First Person Shooters, and Adventure. However, recently I have been getting more into puzzle games, like Picross and other beastly games like that.

So, my music side. I am currently in an acoustic duo with my partner, and we are called Avalon, or Avalon Acoustic, whichever you like. I write songs, and am constantly writing music on my guitar. No spoilers there then… but in the duo I play guitar and I sing.

Looking forward to the future, it’s always bright if you’re looking the right way. (and at the sun)