Joey Hancock

Hi everyone my name is Joey Hancock, I’m the owner and founder of The Nerd Cabinet and this is my profile, what do you think? Do you like my really weird picture? It is truly the only picture of me which I allow to go onto the internet, so please if you find any more, let me know :D

So I founded The Nerd Cabinet back in October of 2012 and it has grown to be a true passion of mine, I know I may not be the best writer on this team but my style may interest some people (Under 6′s maybe) but anyway I brought this site together for a number of reasons, I love to write and I cannot find many sites like this one.

So lets talk interests, Damn this is starting to sound like a review of me, woops. Now I’m interested in Gaming obviously but there is a certain genre of gaming I am into, RPG is my favourite but really I’m more of a JRPG kind of guy because everything about them is story. Even so I will play most things aslong as it appeals to me, stuff like Halo, Mass Effect and sometimes Call of Duty.

So that is my gaming interests lets talk TV and Film, I LOVE ANIME AND MANGA, Studio Ghibli hold a special place in my heart but I love so many other Anime and Manga, short series always get me. Game of Thrones, that is a show that will always beat everything else for me, Politics from it, Democracy and War.

The Musical side that interests me is mainly Rock, Punk but Japanese Tunes and Video game music is also great. Angels & Airwaves is something that Kane and Marshall shown me and I cannot get enough of them, will be listening to them for a very long time.

I aspire to be a Games Designer but with the arty side of it and the 3D design and CGI that is the stuff that appeals to my future. I am also writing my own plot line for a game which is proving tricky but I feel it is something I would love to make in the future!

And that is about it for me! If you want to talk to me or you have any questions you could email me on!