About Us

The Nerd Cabinet is not just one person, it takes many of us to run this well oiled machine, there is a bit of background information about The Nerd Cabinet and how it came about:

Me (Joey) one day decided that I was bored of just having to go to multiple sites for the content that I wanted to read, so it came about that I was going to make this website possible for people.

The name The Nerd Cabinet comes from me being a Nerd and wanting to write about nerdy things I thought “What would go with Nerd?” So I looked above my PC and there is a set of shelves and I don’t think The Nerd Shelf would quite cut it, So The Nerd Cabinet came about and that’s about it.

Now if you want to know a little bit about our staff here you can, just click on their picture to be taken to their profile!



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