A blast from the fairly recent past: Pokemon Fire-red review

Joseph Thomas December 5, 2012 0

Hey guys, I haven’t posted anything in a while, so here is something really tasty to sink your teeth into.

I’ve recently picked up a nifty little emulator on the pc, it means that I can now play an old friend from my favourite game series of all time; that’s right I’m reviewing Pokemon Fire red! I played this so much that I ended up breaking my original game cartridge, so naturally I’ve been over playing it recently. I love this game so this may be a little bit of a biased review, but hey, if you don’t want to know what I think of it, don’t read ahead. But for all of you poke nerds out there, I really suggest getting a copy of the game.

The game starts like any other pokemon game, choose one pokemon out of three incredibly awesome, only-one-in-the-game pokemon and you have to make the hardest decision of your life. Hate that moment? I did too, so I put on the freeze npc’s cheat and got all three starters, best choice ever. I found out that this is possible for the fossil choice in mt. Moon as well. This is great because I always hated having to try and bribe my friends into giving me their starters.


The graphics of course are greatly improved from the original yellow, red and blue games, and I thought that it wouldn’t make much of a difference to my game, but I have to admit that it really is quite visually appealing, I really like the detail on some f the in-battle avatars, it really shows the amount of love and effort that nintendo have taken when creating this game.

I’m still as addicted as ever, in fact I may be even more so. The extended end game of fire red just makes it so much more enjoyable,its like buying one game and, on completion, receiving a whole new game absolutely free, you can catch so many more pokemon that you’re guaranteed a good ten hours of epic battling and awkward breeding to make yours is the fullest pokedex and the strongest battle team out there.

The only negative thing I have to say about the game is the awkwardness of the storyline, the map itself looks like it could be travelled through in quite a linear way, but when you get to certain checkpoints, there are thirsty men blocking your way and sleepy pokemon blocking the road. This rather annoyed me as my entire reason for playing the game is to fill up my pokedex, and if I cannot get to certain parts of the map I can not fill certain entries of my dex.

If you are a true pokenerd then I would highly recommend downloading this emulator and a couple of pokemon games. I do not condone the illegal downloading of any products.. unless of course you already have the game on another console or are unable to find it for retail anywhere.

Overall I would give this game:

6/10 for graphics, because its pretty but remember it was designed for a portable console from the mid noughties.


7/10 for the plot, because its an addictive game, but the plot just isn’t that enthralling.


9/10 for the addiction rating.


10/10 for the in-game music, because no matter what you say, 8-bit style music is epic.


I hope you enjoyed this review, I’d like to hear any suggestions you have for possible reviews, please email me on my work email: Jotoroth@hotmail.com

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